Easily manage your closeout process
With Augie, you can quickly get your closeout products, distressed inventory, or short-dated goods out to potential buyers
Recover more profits
Higher margin buyers get first access to your goods, increasing margin and guaranteeing your products end up in the right hands.
Waterfall Approach

Our unique tiered system allows users to create their own customized buyer flows giving granular access to who gets access first.

Diverse Marketplace

Looking to increase the sale price and interest on your goods? Augie easily allows you to find more buyers through our universal marketplace.

Algorithmically Sorted

Quickly ascertain the highest recovery, fewest warehouse locations, or most quantity with our unique offer analysis algorithm.

Seamless Sync

Pull in products, easily create POs and pick up orders with our direct API and EDI integrations.

Auctions and counter-offering

No longer worry about passing back and forth convoluted and quickly out-of-date CSVs.

Reporting and Dashboards

Know the status and health of your business and sector with built-in reporting and analytic tools for you and your managers.

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